08 Apr Ellore integrated mobile payment with parking system

Ellore has developed a mobile payment functionality solution to Stockmann’s closed area parking system. This is the first public use of such mobile payment system, now available for the Finnish retailer’s customers in Tallinn. Hansab Estonia has provided the area with a closed area xParc Amano parking system.

From the customer perspective, the parking process has stayed the same. The parking tickets are issued at the entry barrier. Before the parking area exit, the parking time needs to be paid. In addition to the traditional cash or card payment, the solution now allows the parking system to pay for ticket via mobile payment. Such service is provided by EMT, an Estonian Mobile operator. As an alternative, a customer can simply call a designated number or use an EMT parking app.

The mobile payment adds a convenient payment option to pay in their vehicle without leaving the parking area or queuing at the counter.

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