08 Dec Ellore Customer Survey Results

Hansab group, together with Ellore, conducted the second annual Ellore customer satisfaction survey. The internet based survey, consisting of 8 questions, aimed at understanding how customers perceive Ellore provided services, how they evaluate the staff and show areas that need improvement.

This year, satisfaction index is 4, 11 (method: 1-5 point scale system, 5 is the highest measurement), last year being 4, 17. In order to help Ellore improve its services and solutions, 36 customers have filled in electronic based surveys. We would like to share with you the key findings from the survey:

Ellore customers defined the company as a software development partner, which sells and integrates solutions, while providing support and consultation.

We would like to thank all of the customers who highly evaluated our team’s politeness 4, 66, readiness to help 4, 49 and trustworthiness 4, 31.

Also, we are grateful to hear about all of the suggestions to add to our current solutions portfolio. We will take them under consideration and plan an action plan for improvement.

We congratulate Mantas Kamarauskas, the winner of the Ipad Mini.

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