08 Apr How Today’s Business Becomes More Mobile

A note from Martin Sarap, B2B KAM Estonia Samsung Electronics Baltics.

Today’s business is more and more mobile. Therefore, we need to have a rather flexible access to our data every day. Devices, equipped at the office are not enough to share information on time.

Nowadays we notice a trend on a global level that shows a big jump in smartphone screen size and parameters.  This trend specifically applies in the business environment, where high level contrast and visible screen are imperative. That’s why Samsung Electronics produces smartphones with the screen size bigger than 5 inches. Today’s lineup consists of devices with Quad HD+ Super AMOLED screens.

Samsung Note series are used in different business areas: starting from logistics and sales up to healthcare and also cleaning services and hospitality. We have noticed that the Note series smartphones play an important part of flexible mobility. As we all desire to have all solutions and data in one device or access throw one device. These are the main reasons why Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is used at SmartPost Itella courier IT solution platform.

To minimize risks, we offer for all devices secure chipset and a high level security solution KNOX, what allows both control and management of all devices in one server and exclude personal data from every day business data. On top of the all mentioned flexible solutions, the Note series are equipped with S-pen, which is useful tool for signing documents and write quick notes.

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