08 Oct Ellore Designed an Original Payment Solution for Self-service Car Wash Chain Nutipesu

Nutipesu OÜ offers fast and simple self-service car wash service with Kärcher technology all over Estonia. According to their customers’ everyday needs it become important to provide card option to their washing stations.

Nutipesu wanted to add card payment option to their spots. The problem was, that there were no suitable ready-made solutions for Nutipesu’s services. „We have really specific payments. The smartwash machines have a defined payment options and a lot of clients. Also the payment has to start the machine. That’s why we needed an original solution to be designed and Ellore managed to do that,“ commented Rene Treial, board member of Nutipesu OÜ.


Ellore’s development included prototyping and programming of self-service payment module to supply a customized and certified payment solution. Now, in addition to coin payment, it is possible to pay by card in 8 Nutipesu spots. „In total we have 12 stations, but all of them don’t have the card payment option at the moment but our goal is to offer card payment in all of our spots,“ added Treial.

Nutipesu is not planning to establish their business abroad anytime soon, but they still recommend this payment solution to other countries. „Basically all companies that use Kärcher technology could be using this same solution. They are definitely potential clients,“ said Treial with confidence.

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