08 Oct Video Server Allows Streaming And Sharing The Picture On Multiple Devices

Have you ever needed to check your facilities’ video surveillance picture when you are not present? Now it is possible. Ellore’s new development enables to see video from all servers and all devices online.

The video server system was first implemented for Saarte Liinid in Estonia – a company whose main fields of activity include the maintenance and development of harbours. Their employees and clients are always on the move, so the new system allows them to keep an eye on what is going on in the harbour.

The system provides streaming for over 50 IP cameras for up to 500 authorized users. In addition it allows simultaneous local HQ DVR recording.


Creating an access to the clients

With the new system, you can share the video picture outside of the company. Admins are able to create users for customers, selecting specific cameras and deine the time period. For example in the harbour, it is possible to select only these cameras, that show clients’ ship and only for so long the ship is going to stay in the harbour.

„This way the clients can for an example inspect loading of the goods without being present,“ says Abruka Harbour manager Renno Tammleht. He adds that so far the customers’ feedback has been very positive.

Multiple possibilities

In Ellore we know, that just being online is not enough anymore. That is why the system is accessable not only in PC, but also on all Android and iOS devices. „We needed the ability to look the video picture from every server, every devide irrespective of the location,“ added Tammleht.

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