08 May Saarte Liinid Video Surveillance System won „The Best Security Solution 2015“ award

In the beginning of April, Estonian Security Association announced the best security solution in 2015 and title was given to Saarte Liinid AS for the video surveillance system in small harbors developed in cooperation with Ellore and Hansab AS.

The central system enables to monitor everything going on in harbors and also in the head office. Ellore created a special software for the solution that enables to track all the cameras over network real-time. It means that every owner of a ship or a yacht can keep an eye on his property from his smartphone, tablet or PC.

The solution works in different smartphones and web browsers without additional setup or downloads. Also, no matter how much video requests there are at once, the picture sharing is guaranteed for everyone with the cloud system and the security video will be preserved in the archive as well.

The feedback from the clients has also been positive. „We use the solution for random check ups to see if everything is done correctly in charging the vessel and all the safety rules are followed. Access to the cameras is easy and fast. The picture quality is very good. Compared to the cameras we used to have before in Roomassaare harbor, the new system is much better“, said Toomas Peiker from Stora Enso Eesti.

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