09 May Creating the Unique Concept for Pet Centre

Last December, XL PetCity pet centre opened its doors. The centre is built with a unique concept in the Baltics, where store, clinic, training track and pet hotel are all combined in one facility. Ellore helped PetCity to create one of a kind animal hotel that gives the pet owners maximum security that their little friends are being taken care of the whole time.Pet_Center

As an exceptional solution in Estonia, PetCity animal hotel has cameras above all the rooms in the hotel, so every pet owner can keep an eye on their four-legged friend in real-time. The system works in all devices and all that is needed, is Internet connection. The system doesn’t acquire any additional downloads or special hardware.

Ellore has already proven the functionality of the solution before, when similar system was put up in Saarte Liinid harbours. This time, the solution was customised according to the PetCity’s needs, keeping all the good features.  For example, managing user rights and maintaining the broadcast speed unaffected due to the cloud solution.

In addition to the video surveillance system, Ellore’s holding company Hansab installed digital signage and electronic article surveillance solutions to PetCity’s facility. “Hansab had a wish to think with us and be a part of creating the concept for PetCity since the beginning. That is the reason we got exactly the solutions we needed and didn’t need to spend on anything unnecessary,” added  PetCity’s board member Merike Kaesveld. With the new system, clients are more willing to leave their pets there, because they know they can check up on then every time everywhere. It makes PetCity more trustworthy for the customers.


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