28 Feb The Smart Terminal Project – A Success Story in The Baltics

At the Payment Solutions Forum EXEX, Ellore spoke about the results of the Smart Terminal project in the Baltics and introduced the development opportunities for the system.

Hansab Group and Swedbank were the first to introduce Smart Terminal also known as mPOS solution in the Baltic markets. The idea was to offer card payment options to small merchants.

During half a year, over 2000 merchants have started using the system. Since the device is mobile, it is most widely used at fairs, in taxis and during home delivery. The use of Smart Terminals has increased the number of card payments in the Baltics.

Ellore developed the iOS and Android applications for mobile and tablet to use the device and is now working on tailor-made developments to integrate Smart Terminal also to bigger merchants’ business solutions. The idea is to create more mobility, make payments even faster in retail and centralize the accounting and warehouse systems.

Read more about the Smart Terminals: http://www.hansab.com/en/smart-terminal

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