19 Dec New Software Applications for Pepper

Ellore has lately been working on developing new solutions and possibilities on Android platform for humanoid-robot Pepper. The software that we used before for Pepper was customised by Softbank and it was often difficult to adapt it to our needs we decided to create our own solution. It is a solution which is built on the Android platform in order to get better results and more functionalities.


Multilingual Pepper and more
Pepper can now speak Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian. The voice of the robot in Estonian comes from EKI (Estonian Language Institute) resources. Latvian and Lithuanian language is from online tool Tilde which is an automated translations provider.
At the moment the main emphasis is on developing Hansab Assistant, which means that Pepper can introduce the company’s products, services, also it is possible to play and dance with it. This solution is very easy to be adjusted according to clients or customer’s needs.


Contact form option
Possibilities are mainly the same, but one addition that it is possible to fill in a contact form. It is a good tool for collecting information and contacts from possible customers. And it is later possible to get in contact with them. People can leave their contacts and information by typing the text on Pepper’s tablet.
One more solution has been created for entertaining. It uses Pepper’s sensors which can recognise the touch. Pepper has 7 sensors on it which it uses to interact with people. It is a quite an entertaining game that is possible to play with it on events, shows, and parties. Also, it is possible to use Pepper as a host of events.

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