Payment Solutions
About This Project

Ideal for PIN entry in the financial instant issuance process, the versatile Ingenico iPP320 PIN Pad entry device easily adapts to magnetic stripe, contact or contactless smart card, and NFC applications. Designed to be both practical and easy-to-use, this powerful handheld device simply speeds through the PIN entry process and features intuitive operation.


The Pinpad for ECR application includes PosXML extended functionality, which enables Third Party Sales solutions to gain more control over the card payment process and makes cashier operations more effective.  As Pinpad does not have printer card payment receipt has to be printed by the Cash Register Printer while the Merchant copy of it has to be stored on ECR side.


Our Solution Main Features
  • Usable as integrated solution
  • Approved for Baltic business
  • Quick and cost effective communication
  • Online PIN functionality


Ingenico iPP 300 series retail Pinpad, covers every possible payment method including contactless and mobile phone (NFC), it offers true convenience for shoppers. Boasting secure transactions, extensive communication technologies and a plug-and-play installation, this compact retail PIN-Pad is an unmatched, innovative solution speeding up transactions and addressing the needs of the customers.